How to Fake Sick

Choose a way on how to Fake Sick that’s suits you most

Everthing about faking sick. Many ways to Fake Sick

How to Fake Sick

How to Fake Sick? Don’t want to go to work? Want to skip school because you didn’t do your homework or you have a test tomorrow? Whatever the reason it is you want to fake sick, you have found the guides to do so! Here you will find complete guides helping you to fake sick including tips, dos and don’t s and much more. There are a lot of ways to fake sick!

Go ahead and choose the sickness that suits you the most for the moment!

How to Fake Sneeze

How to Fake Sneeze? A fake sneeze is one of the most well known strategies in trying to fake a cold. The fake sneeze is one of the easiest tactics anyone could use, and when you sneeze repeatedly or sneeze and have a runny eyes and watery eyes, people will think you’re sick. Since sneezing […]

How to Fake Cry

Fake crying is best when you want to convince someone that your sad, sick or getting sick. Most of the time teachers/colleagues etc. will believe you’re sad or (getting) sick if you add a little fake cry session. Its actually quite easy to fake cry, some people will only have tot think off a sad (fictional) event […]

How to Fake Faint

Real fainting is a sudden loss of consciousness and is most common for teenagers and people of older age. It is normal for people to at least faint once in their lifetime. So if you’re in one of these age ranges, you can use this how to fake sick method. My advice If you’re not […]

How to Fake a Cold

How to Fake a Cold is as easy as faking all the other sicknesses we have. Most of the people have a common cold at least once a year. It is the most common disease humans have. Children actually have the cold most often (between six and twelve times a year). A really similar disease […]

How to Throw Up

How to throw up | induce vomiting? Doing that is extremely simple, especially when you are already sick or feel nauseous. Even if you are not sick it should still be extremely easy. The only thing about throwing up is that you need some nerves to do it. Some people have no problem at all […]

How to Fake a Headache

Fake a headache is one of the easiest and best ways to fake being sick. It is completely normal for someone to have a headache so faking it should not be difficult and most people will believe you without a doubt. If you are planning on faking something you could use more often or a […]

How to Fake a Sore Throat

Faking a sore throat is definitely a very easy way to fake sick. Sore throat alone though will probably not help you to stay home from school or work. And you usually don’t have just sore throat but have it as a symptom of another sickness you are might plan faking. So going for a […]

How to Fake Dehydration

Fake Dehydration is a symptom for a lot of other sicknesses you might want to fake. It’s good to know how to fake dehydration so if you do use it for another sickness you will know all the details about it. Like all other sicknesses if you want to fake dehydration then the easiest way […]

How to Fake Nausea

Fake nausea should be very easy to achieve, especially if you have some acting skills. There are no real symptoms for nausea except for feeling sick, looking pale, being dizzy, sweating forehead and almost always it ends up in you vomiting, depending of course what the real reason is that you are feeling nauseous. Only […]

How to Fake a Fever

How to Fake a Fever is easy, to fake a fever we will need to know how to cause the symptoms. Most important thing to remember while faking a fever is not to overdo it. Fake a fever higher than 104 F/39.5 C will get you busted. If you want to fake a really high […]

How to Fake the Flu

Fake the Flu, the perfect way to stay home/fake sick for a long time. Faking this will last around a whole week so you can skip work or school for quite some time. A whole exam week! Flu is also very common sickness so it will not be all that difficult and believable to fake. […]

How to Fake Diarrhea

Fake diarrhea is one of the easiest ways to fake sick. It is the best last minute way to get out of an appointment, stay home from school or work. If you have limited time to get out of something then diarrhea attack will be the way to do it. If you have enough time […]

Precautions on Faking Sick

Be careful and always remember remove your browsing history! Don’t however remove everything because in that case it is too obvious that you are trying to hide something from someone. You wont have to do this if nobody else except for you has access to the computer, smart-phone or other device you are using to find a way on how to fake sick!

Never tell anyone that you are planning on faking sick, even your friends might tell on you. Faking sick together with someone is always suspicious. If the person is one of your friends and a classmate you will most definitely get busted. Still possible to do that though, but you will have to choose a long term sickness that is contagious.

Don’t fake sick too often, it will be suspicious and people will think you have serious problems with your health and will take you to the doctor. If you really need to do it often you might want to choose a chronic disease like migraine or something like that.

Don’t use drugs to Fake Sick

No point in doing that. We have guides that help you fake sick without supplements. Using drugs to stay home from school or work is stupid. You are much better of with good preparations and smart ways to fake sick. is not responsible for the consequences of you faking sick!

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